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The Importance of Water to Industrial Establishments

Water is a crucial requirement for living creatures to survive, together with food, clothing, and shelter. This is why homeowners need to ensure that they have a clean and secure pipeline to handle their water fixtures. Similarly, water has more than one purpose for different establishments in the industrial sector. Managing water in different forms is one of the essential components of maintaining the operations of industrial establishments.

The various properties of water in industrial establishments

Water is a versatile liquid with many properties, allowing it to perform different functions in numerous industries. It’s a universal solvent that people can use to dissolve and dilute substances, depending on the right conditions. It can also work as a coolant to absorb water heat to cool down industrial machinery.

Besides these properties, its salt concentration or salinity will play a part in how well it can corrode materials. Generally, industries use freshwater to avoid having issues with rusting. However, there are cases when saltwater is a preferred liquid for particular purposes like housing live sea creatures for food industries.

The different applications of water in various industries

The industrial sector generally uses large amounts of water for handling their processes, from cleaning duties to transporting goods. Unlike your home’s tap water, the industrial sector’s water sources will vary in different forms, amounts, and grading. For example, pharmaceutical establishments need a much higher grade of water than the oil industry.

The amount each establishment will use will vary depending on its product and factory scale. For instance, a pound of paper will typically require over 3,000 gallons of water throughout its entire manufacturing process. In contrast, establishments in the automotive industry will need around 65,000 gallons of water to produce one vehicle.

Smelting facilities and electrical power plants also use water to serve as coolants to prevent industry equipment from overheating. Additionally, the heated water can generate power through steam.

For food manufacturing industries, water is an essential component in storing, cleaning, and processing different products. It can also be a prime base ingredient for the production of beverages like bottled and canned drinks.

The purpose of water beyond manufacturing processes

If water isn’t part of the manufacturing process itself, many industries will still use it for cleaning routines. Business owners must maintain the cleanliness of their entire operation to ensure the purity of their products. Allowing contaminants to enter the products can produce factory defects or damaged goods. For this reason, cleaning is an essential part before and after making any product.

When it comes to water disposal, industrial companies go through another step for treatment to avoid flushing health hazards down the drain. This filtration step is necessary to ensure that the heavy metals and chemicals they wash away won’t return to circulation right away.

Industrial facilities usually have an on-site treatment area to handle industrial wastewater for filtering or neutralization. However, it can also occur in another site that performs waste management before returning the excess water into circulation.


Like homeowners, business owners in the industrial sector need to ensure that they experience little to no plumbing concerns. Any potential water issues can cause a halt in their many processes, reducing their output capacity and preventing them from doing their work well. This is why establishments in the industrial sector must invest in safeguarding their plumbing systems.

Water’s impact on your business is insurmountable, regardless of how much or how little you use it. This is why it’s necessary to ensure that your plumbing fixtures are safe from damages and free from any major complications. If you need an industrial or commercial plumber in Chilliwack to treat your business’s plumbing, contact us today!

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