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Signs That You Need a Plumbing Inspection

Property managers rarely remember to have their plumbing checked until a pipe bursts or a leak is detected. Plumbing services every room in a building, yet it tends to get bumped down to the bottom of the priorities when it comes to maintenance work since it’s usually out of sight and out of mind.

If you want to avoid costly damage to your facility, preventive measures are necessary. One of the ways to preserve your plumbing system and keep it running efficiently is to ask a trusted commercial plumbing service provider to conduct inspections at regular intervals throughout the year. 

When your plumbing breaks down, you run the risk of losing valuable water service, and it may be caused by a block or a leak somewhere in your piping that could potentially cause further damage to your property. Here are several red flags that may indicate why it is time to have your plumbing checked by a professional:

1. Your hot water isn’t hot 

If you notice that the water coming out of your faucets is lukewarm, or it isn’t a consistently hot temperature, you may have plumbing issues. Make sure to rule out any problems with your water heating system. A defective water heater may be the culprit, but if there are no other issues, the lack of hot water is likely due to a leak in your pipes.   

2. Water pressure is significantly decreased

Bathroom tap with lower water pressure

Commercial and industrial facilities tend to consume a lot of water, but that should not affect the rate of flow. Plumbing systems designed to standards should be able to deliver a steady stream of water to all your plumbing fixtures. If your water flow is significantly reduced or tends to come out in spurts or bursts, it is a sign you need to tune up certain parts of your water pipes.

3. You see a spike in your water bill

If you have been operating your facility for at least three to six months, you have a relatively good idea of how high your regular water consumption is. If you receive an unusually high reading for your bill for the month, rule out any extraordinary circumstances that may have contributed to the rise. If it’s an unexplained event, then you should call your local plumber.

4. You see signs of water damage in usually dry areas

Sometimes leaks are not immediately apparent. They can start as small cracks in piping or joints that let out droplets or small pools of water. Over time, the accumulation of water can seep into drywall and demising structures and leave patches of discoloration. Worse still, the collection of moisture may grow mould or mildew if left untreated. If there are no water sources nearby, have your plumbing checked since the source of moisture may come from inside your walls.

Routine plumbing inspections can prevent many of these early warning signs. It is important to have your pipes checked at least three to four times in a year, or more if your business depends on a high volume of water. Contact a professional commercial plumber who can diagnose and repair these issues and prevent further damage to your operations.
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