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5 Common Plumbing Problems You Should Address During Summer

Many Canadians look forward to the summer months, as there’s a lot to do and accomplish during this period. However, the last thing you would want to happen is to encounter some plumbing problem, consequently wasting your time, energy, and money addressing the issue.

Unfortunately, some plumbing issues arise during the summer, particularly due to the hot weather that it brings along. In order to avoid these problems, you have to come in prepared and ready for what lies ahead.

Here are five common plumbing problems that occur during summer. Read below to know how you can prepare for potential plumbing issues and see if you’ll need some plumbing services from the onset.

1. Clogged toilet

Summer can mean that more people will be staying at home. You’ll probably have kids around for their vacation or have guests invited into your house on a regular basis.

For this reason, expect that more people will be using your toilet. It can eventually get clogged due to the constant use and abuse, especially if your household members don’t observe the proper disposal of wastes. Educate your family and your guests to avoid flushing anything down the toilet, other than toilet paper and organic waste.

2. Clogged shower drain

Apart from the toilet, the shower drain can also easily and quickly get clogged due to regular use. You probably regularly see hair strands, tissue, dirt, and debris left on the shower floor. If left unattended, they can build up over time, leading to a possible clog later on. You and your family members need to regularly clean your shower area and properly dispose of strands and debris to avoid a clogged shower drain.

3. Sink disposal clogs

It’s inevitable to have lots of leftovers during the summer. After all, this is a period wherein the whole family gets to gather together for a hearty meal regularly. Sometimes, you’ll even have some guests invited for a meal too!

In such times, it’s easy for your kitchen sink to be the main disposal of food wastes, but this eventually leads to clogging! That said, be sure to have proper food waste disposal areas, and use a strainer on your sink for good measure. If the sink drain appears to be clogged, use a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and hot water to eliminate the blockage.

4. Washing machine overload

Summer is the best time to check your washing machine and see potential leaks or damages with its hose and other components. If there are some problems, have them fixed right away. That way, you can use it for washing fabrics, clothes, bedsheets, and covers that you normally can’t accomplish in other months. Just be wary that it won’t get overloaded, else, you’ll have an even bigger problem on your hands!

5. Flooded basement

Canadians are aware that rainstorms are frequent even during summer, especially in some areas of the country. These storms can cause flooding and water damage, where it’s easy to see some homes with a flooded basement. If you are one of those affected households, be sure to prepare for a possible flood during the summer.


At this point, you now know what to keep an eye on for summer plumbing problems—clogged toilets, sink disposal clogs, sink disposal clogs, clogged shower, washing machine overload, and a flooded basement.

To prevent these problems from occurring, resort to the common maintenance procedures, such as performing plumbing inspections, clearing drains, replacing old appliances, and checking water pressure. With all these in place, you won’t encounter any plumbing problem, allowing you to enjoy the whole summer!

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