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4 Signs Repairs Are Needed for Your Commercial Plumbing Issue

Commercial plumbing systems will naturally be put through more activity as compared to residential ones. After all, In a commercial building, there are more people using sinks, toilets, and other fixtures that utilize water at a time. 

That said, if you own a business, you should have regularly scheduled maintenance check-ups for your plumbing system. Doing so will ensure that it can continue running in tip-top condition, getting water where it is needed quickly and effectively.

Unfortunately, no matter how much care you give for your plumbing system, it will still be subject to wear and tear. This leads to problems springing up throughout the system, which occurs more often when the system gets older. To help you identify these easily, here are the signs to keep an eye out for to know that your commercial plumbing system needs some fixing done.

1. Water stains on the wall

If you take a look at the walls of your building and notice any water stain, there is a possibility that a leaky pipe behind it is causing it. Even if you are unsure, you should call up a plumbing expert to look at the problem immediately. They will have devices to detect any leaks in your building, and should they discover a leak in the process, they will get to fixing it as soon as possible.

2. Water becomes brown or yellow

If you discover any discoloured water, whether it be after flushing the water down the toilet or switching on the faucet, there are a few causes for it—none of which are good. Sometimes, when water pipes are recently replaced, some dirt may find its way into the pipes, causing the colour change. In most cases, the yellow or brown hue the water might have picked up is due to the pipes’ rusted interior.

Nevertheless, if you find that water is not transparent, contact your professional plumbers right away. They will identify the source of the discolouration and have the problem fixed promptly. This will ensure that you and your employees stay healthy without having to deal with dirty water.

3. Water pressure is too low

Whether it takes forever for the toilets to refill with water or barely any water runs out the faucet, this means that the water pressure is too low. This can be caused by a few things, one of which would be clogging.

If you know that the valves are open to full but still barely any water comes out, you’ll need a professional’s intervention. They will look for where the clog or leak is located and free it up to get more water where it belongs.

4. Stench coming out of the drains

Another symptom of clogs in your pipes would be a stench coming out of your drains. Clogs often cause a sewage buildup, and you must have the problem fixed right away to avoid stinking up the entire building. Furthermore, this smell can also hurt the wellbeing of yourself and your employees.

The only solution to this problem is to get a plumbing team to work on the issue. Not only can they quickly get the job done, but you will not have to get your hands dirty from the cleaning process either.


If you see any of these signs present in your commercial building, it is time for your plumbing system to have the repairs it requires. Do not waste any time calling plumbers either, as the longer you wait, the costlier the repair job is going to get—not to mention the continuing damage the problem is going to cause in the meantime. Put simply: save your money and your time by calling the plumbers as soon as possible. 

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