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4 Common Plumbing Repairs for Restaurants to Watch Out For

One essential utility in every restaurant is strong and consistent plumbing. However, different types of restaurants may require different plumbing services. That is why you need to determine your restaurant’s plumbing needs by identifying possible repair scenarios.

This article will discuss four common restaurant-related plumbing problems that you may encounter. Take this as an opportunity to maintain your restaurant for your customers and provide high-quality resources to your staff.

1. Clogged sewer system

Your restaurant’s sewer system may be clogged due to the accumulation of fecal matter and food waste. These issues may affect your toilet and can lead to flooding in the bathroom. You may also expect a foul odour that can affect your restaurant’s operations. That is why you need to have your sewer system checked regularly.

At Top Tier Mechanical, we provide sewer system services to fix or prevent any issues. We can also replace any outdated sewage pipes to ensure that your toilets flush effectively for your employees and customers’ benefit. Through our professional plumbing solutions, you can maintain your restaurant’s operations.

2. Damaged grease interceptor

Grease is a common plumbing problem in the restaurant industry, and that is why most businesses have grease interceptors installed to prevent blockages in the wastewater system. However, there are times when some grease can still make its way through because the grease interceptor may be damaged or needs to be replaced.

To prevent grease build-up in your plumbing, consult with our professional commercial plumbers at Top Tier Mechanical. We can provide you with grease-buildup prevention and removal services through our commercial plumbers. That way, you can avoid costly repairs and the further deterioration of your plumbing.

3. Insufficient water supply

There are times when your restaurant may run out of water because multiple water sources may be turned on all at once. For instance, let’s say it’s a typically busy day at the restaurant, meaning the bathroom and kitchen are using up all the water. This can affect the water pressure from all sources, slowing down your operations and providing added inconvenience.

You can have your water supply issue fixed right away with our emergency plumbing services to address the issue, even during restaurant operation hours. That way, you can maintain your services while the commercial plumber fixes the issue. Once back to normal, you can continue business operations and remain profitable.

4. Kitchen gas line issues intercepting with plumbing

Kitchen gas lines become a plumbing issue when they intercept, affecting the performance of both utilities. Your water may get contaminated, and your gas may also leak. That is why you need your plumbing inspected before installation to prevent any gas and water issues in your kitchen.

Before upgrading any restaurant utilities, hire a commercial plumber to approve any plumbing renovation plans and check for safety concerns. You can also ask for pipe reworking or replacement services to upgrade your restaurant’s productivity.


Plumbing in the restaurant is crucial, and different problems can affect your operations. That is why you need to be mindful of common issues and call the right commercial plumber to address them. Take the time to learn more about your plumbing and find the best solution today.

Top Tier Mechanical can offer you the best commercial plumbing services in Chilliwack for your restaurant business. We specialize in commercial, industrial, and medical application plumbing and provide 24/7 services for your convenience. Contact us today to make sure that your restaurant business isn’t affected by a plumbing-related issue.

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