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3 Things to Avoid When Installing a Kitchen Sink

There are a lot of things you can consider when it comes to home makeovers. You can redesign your bedroom, renovate your bathroom, and find endless things to change in your kitchen. If you’re getting tired of dealing with the same layout or you’re feeling like you don’t have enough access to running water in your kitchen, then one idea would be to install a new sink!

If you plan to have stone countertops, adding a modern sink can improve the look of your kitchen. However, it would be best if you took extra precautions when dealing with granite because they’re expensive and hard to manage on your own. So it’s better to rely on plumbing services to help you out with the installation.

After you’ve gotten your countertops set up, you can move forward with your plumbing fitting services. It’s crucial to leave the work to the experts if you want your project to go as planned!

To avoid any potential mishaps, then keep reading below to know what to avoid when installing a kitchen sink. 

Don’t: Forget to Determine the Right Measurements

Remember the old saying: measure twice, cut once.

Knowing the measurements of any installation you’re planning is crucial so you can get it right the first time around. Creating a hole in your countertop must require precision; after all, if you make a mistake, you’ll have to start all over again—and it will cost you more time and money to complete one fixture!

The opening you will make will rely on the kind of sink you plan to use. You can also ask the advice of a plumber whether it’s better to get a top-mount sink (one that sits over the countertop) or an undermount sink (one that’s placed below the countertop).

An undermount sink is perfect for people who require less time to clean their counters because you can easily wipe away food particles directly into your sink. They also appear to be deeper than a top-mount sink, so you can dump all your dishes into it without worrying about having enough space.

Don’t: Buy a Sink Without Knowing What You Need

When it comes to purchasing a new sink, you first need to assess its form and functionality. You will also have to consider the amount of space left on your stone countertop. Buying a large sink might decrease the area you’ll be using while cooking, while a tiny sink might not have enough room when you’re cleaning things up.

It’s also essential to leave some space for your faucet to be installed. While a hardware store personnel can recommend you with many sink options to choose from, a commercial plumber has the right experience dealing with sink fixings!

Don’t: Hesitate to Call a Plumber

Dealing with kitchen renovations require a professional’s help, as they have the right tools and equipment necessary to get the job right. Cutting a countertop and placing a new sink can be easily handled by experts that are trained for such installation jobs!

It would also help if you didn’t do the project on your own to avoid accidents and ensure the safety of the people in your house. If things don’t go as planned and a plumber ends up damaging your countertop or sink, rest assured that they will pay for the costs and replace the materials!


When planning a kitchen sink installation, never forget to establish the correct measurements of your countertop and sink, purchase the sink that you need, and contact a professional plumbing company to guarantee the job is well-done. Renovating your kitchen is a big move, but when it’s done right, it will encourage you to spend more days enjoying cooking, cleaning, and eating with your family.

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